From The Beginning
Books and video tapes by Dr. Rapp about environmental allergies.

The following books and videotapes by Dr. Rapp help provide an understanding of how children are affected by unsuspected environmental allergies, including the growing problems of multiple chemical exposures and reactions to poor air quality in schools. They specify what parents and others can do to deal with the problem.

The videotapes are powerful illustrations of what can happen to children from allergies and exposures to triggering agents.

All of the materials listed below are available by mail or phone order from the Practical Allergy Research Foundation. See details after the listings.

Dr. Rapp's books:

Is This Your Child? (Hard cover: $15; Soft cover: $12)
The Impossible Child ($5)
Allergens & Your Family ($10)
Is Your School Environmentally Sick? (Available October 1, 1995; Further details soon)

Her videotapes:

Environmentally Sick Schools ($20)
Allergies Alter Activities and Behavior [The Impossible Child at Home and School] ($20)

And a pamphlet:

Make The Connection ($1.50)

You can order any of the above by mail from The Practical Allergy Research Foundation, P.O. Box 60, Buffalo, NY 14223-0068. Please enclose a check or money order, adding $3 in shipping charges for orders under $12, and $4 for orders totalling more than $12.

Or call (toll-free) 1-800-78-78-78-0.

To contact Dr. Rapp directly about a possible allergy problem, telephone (716) 875-5578, or write her at The Environmental Allergy Center, 2757 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14217.

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