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Health Issues

For those of us who are lucky enough to be living in a country that is not currently touched by wars and the many kinds of deprivation that are rampant in the present world, the apparent health of children is generally at the highest level in memory. We can be thankful for that, and perhaps express our appreciation by giving as generously as we can to organizations that are helping the millions of children presently victimized. (This site will have some specifics before long on ways to do that.)

But even in the richest and least troubled places, the health of children is threatened in new ways that we need to understand and deal with effectively. The antibiotics that have guarded against so many of the scourges of the past are beginning to fail because of overuse, which has bred new resistant bacteria. And environmental diseases of many kinds, unidentified as such only ten years ago, are becoming major factors in the lives of many children. We definitely need to get a handle on these issues if we are going to nurture our children to the best of our ability.

To begin at a point that's vital for understanding what we can and should be doing, please have a look at the information presented here on the Immune System.

Environmental illnesses or one kind or another are now the leading cause of lost time from school, and their effects can be tremendously powerful. The tenfold increase in childhood asthma is one example of the consequences of allergies and sensitivities to the chemicals that are so widespread in the environment. So are attention-deficit disorder, hyperactivity, and learning disorders of many kinds. To look at the connections and what they might mean for your child(ren), please click on Allergies.

More here soon on other well-being issues.

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