From The Beginning

Living With A Brand-New Person

After the support that usually comes with pregnancy, new mothers (and fathers) often feel alone and unprepared when they find themselves at home with a brand-new infant. The link below leads to some support in print, in the form of excerpts from the book Year of Birth, that cover the first three months of infancy. They are presented here by permission of the authors, Candie Snow and John Milder, and the publisher, Crystal Press. You are free to download them for your personal reference as a parent, but no other use is permitted without specific authorization in writing from the authors. The text, photos, and other images may not be published or used in any way except for your own personal reference. To communicate with the authors, or order a copy of Year of Birth for $14.95 postpaid, please e-mail:

Please click for a look at the tenth month (first month of infancy) of Year of Birth.
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