From The Beginning


Being pregnant, giving birth, and living with a new baby may well be the most wonderful and challenging experience open to us as human beings. If you click on the link below, you can explore close-to-complete excerpts from Year of Birth, a month-by-month guide to pregnancy, birth, and the first three months of infancy. Presented here by permission of the authors, Candie Snow and John Milder, and the publisher, Crystal Press, they are meant to help you experience this wonderful time to the fullest. You are free to download them for your personal reference as an expectant and new parent, but no other use is permitted without specific authorization in writing from the authors. The text, photos, and other images may not be published or used in any way except for your own personal reference.

If you are interested in the printed book, designed to be an easy-to-use and inspiring companion to your experience, please e-mail for particulars. The price, postpaid, is $14.95.

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