"Our 6 1/2 month old is teething and very ornery. We've tried jells, liquids, frozen wash cloths and teething rings. But nothing seems to soothe his gums. Help!"

"My 9 month old is getting his first teeth. He has had some very unhappy days where nothing seems to help. On those days (with his Doctors' permission) I give him one dose of Tylenol in the early afternoon so he has a few hours of play time and is able to get a few hours nap before the pain sets in again. Otherwise I just hold him all day and try to remember how very real the pain is to him, and how unhappy I feel when something hurts."

"Please be sure not to confuse teething with something else (such as an ear infection). Remember little babies can't tell you what hurts, only that they are uncomfortable. Rubbing their gums with your finger (i.e. - a little pressure) tends to give them some on the spot relief. If all else fails, try some Tylenol, Panadol, etc. and some extra TLC."

"Try taking your cloth diaper and allowing the baby to chew on it, while it's wrapped around your fingers."

"We took a frozen min-bagel and regular size bagels and let her numb her gums that way. It works - it may be a little messy but it's also very nutritious!"

"If you breast feed, do that. Try Hyland's Teething Tablets. If you haven't got one already, get a sling like an 'Over The Shoulder Baby Holder' or a 'Dr. Sears Sling' and carry your child. They need to be held and comforted most of all when teething."

"Both my children had a hard time with each new tooth - Have you ever tasted one of those teething products? Awful. A cold spoon works sometimes, but as a last resort, I tried the old family tradition (the only piece of advice I ever followed) for putting a couple of drops of Brandy on a Q-tip and rubbing it on the sore gum area. The brandy instantly numbs the gum. Baby is calmed and sleeps soon. Mom and dad can have a sip too! So all three can get some sleep. Note: I never did this during the day or made a habit of it - but for those sleepless nights, try it."

"The only thing which seemed to help my son was a bottle of cold juice or formula."

"I have a 6 month old who is teething as well. I find that if I keep her busy, like trips to the zoo or park, it helps keep her mind off the pain. I can't always do that but on really bad days, it's worth it. I find when that when her gums are hurting and we stay at home, she is fussier than if she is distracted."

"In my experience and according to pediatric advice, the jells are not really effective, but the other items are good. Try giving your little one Tylenol, especially before naps and bed time. It will dull the pain. Also, 6 months is an interesting stage in development. They are on the verge of crawling or creeping and sitting better. This age usually brings the introduction to solid food and that can be a tough adjustment also. Be patient and open to some extra understanding. Lay down and take a nap with him/her. Snuggling them to sleep is a source of comfort."

"Have you tried Hyland's Homeopathic Teething Tablets? They have natural plant and herbal ingredients that help the body do what it is supposed to do naturally. They also have a calming ingredient called Chamomilla that can be found as a tea at your local co-op. The tablets can be found at any co-op or grocery store with a natural foods department."

"This may not be very helpful advice, but just be patient and hang in there because this stage will pass soon. His teeth will suddenly pop in and the worst will be over. Until then, just try to help him and his gums be as comfortable as possible with teething rings."

"I would not rule out other causes for the fussiness, such as an ear infection. If Tylenol drops don't ease the pain, maybe it's time to check with your doctor."

"My son likes to eat frozen peas! Might be worth a try."

"My babies both liked frozen blueberries and frozen mixed vegetables. They would chomp on them until they thawed and then spit them out."

"Buy a good cut of meat with a smooth bone that will not chip, break or splinter. After enjoying your meal, let your child enjoy the bone."

"Don't hesitate to use Tylenol for pain relief. It also reduces gum swelling, so your baby will be much more comfortable. It may take 30 minutes to begin working, but after teething, pain could go on for hours without it."

"When my daughter was teething, a friend suggested pouring approximately 2 oz. of apple juice into a small (4 oz.) baby bottle with a NUK nipple. Cap it, turn it upside down and put it in the freezer. When my daughter was uncomfortable, I gave her the frozen bottle to gnaw on. I found this to be much neater and less wasteful than a popsicle. Something else that usually worked for me was rubbing her gums with my finger, applying enough pressure to make a squeaking sound. Either the pressure or the noise helped to bring on a smile to her face."

"We have had good luck with our 7 month old 'teether' by putting ice cubes in his tippy cup. He likes to drink the water and chew on the cold spout and he thinks it's fun to hear the cubes rattle when he shakes the cup."

"My dental hygienist suggested soft tooth brushes. It accomplishes two things, it massages and soothes the gums and gets baby used to a tooth brush. You obviously have to supervise this. Also, my co-op sells a natural teething oil and my baby likes it and I know it won't numb something it shouldn't (i.e. - his throat)."

"If it is causing him to lose sleep, I would use Tylenol or Tempra to ease his pain at bed time. Lack of proper rest will compound the problem. Getting new teeth is a very painful process for any age. I guess that's why we get most of our teeth when we're young enough to have someone who will dote on us. Give him all the extra love you can while he goes through this hard process. And remember, this too shall pass."

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