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Below you will find links to the responses of parents in a dozen cities across the United States to questions raised by other parents through a newsletter circulated to customers of diaper services. You will find answers to fifty questions raising all kinds of issues from teething and toilet training to home-based employment and holistic health care -- with stops in between at whining, separation anxiety, sleeping in the family bed, chapped lips (Minnesota parents found that a big subject), moving, disciplining a two-year-old (hah!), renewing the marital relationship, immunization, fostering peace between kids, and tons of other matters.

We have organized them by tens, so you can look at the index for each successive ten questions and go into the ones that have some application in your family's life. If, when you're finished, you have a question of your own that isn't covered, or an answer you'd like to throw in the pot with ones we already have, come back to this page and click on I'd like to ASK, or I'd like to ADD.

  The following are our "top ten" questions and answers and links to the rest.
  1. Life With A New Baby
  2. What Are You Finding Hardest About Being A Parent?
  3. Diaper Changing
  4. Teething
  5. Separation Anxiety
  6. Home-Based Employment
  7. Responding To Crying
  8. Sibling Rivalry
  9. Pacifiers
  10. Baby Sleeping With Parents
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